Buy or Sell Coupon Codes

Buy or Sell Your Coupon Codes

Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) is the Court appointed administrator and market maker for the Coupon Codes. It is CCC’s role to facilitate the buying, selling and transferring of your Coupon Codes throughout the redemption period. At any time, contact CCC if you wish to buy Coupon Codes from, or sell Coupon Codes to, CCC. You may also acquire or buy Coupon Codes from, or transfer or sell to, anyone else.

Please do not lose your Coupon Code(s)! Your Coupon Code(s) are the 16-character alphanumeric codes on the letter attached to your check. You will need your Coupon Code(s) to sell your Coupon Code(s) at The Auction.

If you have questions about buying or selling your Coupon Codes, you can call CCC at (312) 204-6969 or email us at Do not contact the Airlines.


CCC is the nation’s foremost expert in the administration and creation of secondary markets in transferable certificates issued pursuant to class action settlements. In 1993, CCC created the first class action coupon market, and has since processed over $400 million for class members.

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