Plaintiffs in the Litigation alleged that Asiana Airlines, Inc. and Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. conspired to fix prices for passenger travel between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea from January 1, 2000 through August 1, 2007. While both Airlines agreed to settle, they did so without admitting liability.
Claimants in this settlement (Class Members who filed a timely, valid claim) are entitled to a cash award, and a coupon award. This Website concerns solely the coupon award. The coupon award consists of two coupons, referred to as "Coupon Codes." Each claimant receives a Coupon Code for Korean Air flights and a Coupon Code for Asiana Airlines flights. The value of these Coupon Codes is dependent on a claimant's pro rata share of the settlement. The amounts were determined by the Court-appointed Claims Administrator, Rust Consulting, in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreements. For more information about the settlements, see koreanairpassengercases.com.
No. The deadline was December 31, 2013.
Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) has been appointed by the court to be the Coupon Code administrator and market maker for this settlement. CCC is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its contact information is on the first page of the Website.
CCC has been appointed by the United States District Court for the Central District of California to administer the redemption, sale, and transfer of the Coupon Codes awarded in the settlements. CCC uses claimants’, passengers’ and other authorized users’ personal information only for that purpose. Pursuant to its appointment as Coupon Administrator by the Court, CCC has already have been provided with certain information relating to claimants who have chosen to participate in the settlements and their award information. Claimants and other authorized users who participate in the settlements and provide us with their personal information or otherwise choose to utilize the Website or the Coupon Codes should understand that CCC stores, transmits and processes their information in and between the United States, South Korea and other countries in which authorized users may be located. This information will be stored in CCC’s database and maintained during the Coupon redemption process and for a period of auditing afterwards. Please see the Terms of Use for additional information.
Your unique 16-character alphanumeric Coupon Code can be found on the cover letter provided with your settlement check. If you have lost your Coupon Codes, please contact CCC in writing.
Under the terms of the settlement, each Coupon is redeemable for a period no later than the third anniversary of the issuance date of the Coupon Code. As all Coupon Codes were issued on June 27, 2016, they expire on June 26, 2019 (the “Claim Period”). To use a Coupon Code towards a passenger flight, the passenger ticket must have been purchased, issued, and flown during Claim Period, and prior to your submission of a redemption request. For the convenience of their customers, the Airlines have agreed to extend the deadline for redemption of Coupon Codes one month past the Claim Period, to July 26, 2019. You have until July 26, 2019 to submit your Coupon Code(s) for redemption.
Your Korean Air Coupon Code can be used on eligible passenger flights sold by Korean Air. Your Asiana Airlines Coupon Code can be used only on one way or round trip tickets sold by Asiana for flights originating in the United States and ending in the Republic of Korea, or originating in the Republic of Korea and ending in the United States. To be eligible, the passenger ticket must have been purchased, issued, and flown during the claim period (June 27, 2016 – June 26, 2019), and prior to your submission of a redemption request. See further terms and conditions here.
There are several options:
    1) Transfer your Coupon Code(s) to anyone.
      2) Sell directly to CCC or anyone else.

      CCC intends to make a market for Coupon Codes throughout the claim period. For more information, please visit our BUY / SELL page.

      No. Tickets purchased using solely frequent flier miles, including taxes and surcharges for such tickets, are ineligible for Coupon Code redemption. However, for Korean Air Coupon Codes, if your frequent flier miles do not cover the whole ticket price and you pay for part of your ticket in cash (for example, a Skypass upgrade award), you may use your Korean Air Coupon Code against the value paid for in cash.
      If you have lost your Coupon Codes, you must contact CCC in writing by U.S. mail:

      Certificate Clearing Corporation
      c/o KPA COUPONS
      404 S Wells St. Suite 600
      Chicago, IL 60607
      Your ticket number should be on your e-ticket receipt or your boarding pass. If you lose or misplace your ticket number, contact your travel agent from whom you purchased your ticket to retrieve your ticket number(s). If you did not purchase your ticket through a travel agent, you may contact the airline you flew with.
      The claim period is from June 27, 2016 to June 26, 2019.
      The redemption period is from June 27, 2016 to July 26, 2019.
      You can only redeem your Coupon Code(s) by following the redemption process on the Website.
      CCC will make every effort to process rebates in a timely manner. Rebates will typically take approximately 60-90 days to process.
      CCC is not only the Court-appointed coupon administrator, but also the market maker. You may sell directly to CCC. For more information, please consult our BUY / SELL page, or call (312) 204-6969.
      Yes. The Coupon Code(s) is freely transferable to others.
      Each Coupon Code holder will be given an account that shows the history of transactions and the balance of his/her Coupon Code(s). Transfers can be made freely among accounts.
      No. You have the options to either apply the Coupon Code(s) to another flight ticket or to sell the Coupon Code(s).


      Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) is the nation’s foremost expert in the administration and creation of secondary markets in transferable certificates issued pursuant to class action settlements. In 1993, CCC created the first class action coupon market, and has since processed over $400 million for class members.

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