Eligible Passenger Flight Ticket

Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd.

  • Any one-way or round-trip passenger ticket sold by Korean Air.

  • The passenger ticket must have been purchased, issued, and flown during the claim period (June 27, 2016 - June 26, 2019), and prior to your submission of a redemption request.

  • The passenger ticket numbers should start with "180".

  • Coupon Codes may be redeemed toward the price actually paid for a passenger ticket, which includes only the ticket price, taxes and fuel surcharges.

  • If your Skypass bonus miles do not cover the whole ticket price, and you pay for part of your ticket in cash (for example, a Skypass upgrade award), you may use your Coupon Code against the value paid for in cash.
  • Tickets purchased using solely Skypass bonus miles, award or free-of-charge tickets, and taxes and fuel surcharges for such non-revenue tickets

  • Reissue charges on tickets, cancellation fees, excess baggage charges, unaccompanied minor charges, refund fees, preferred seat change charges, pet handling fees, amenities, and other ancillary fees and service charges

  • Other exceptions and exclusions may apply.