Eligible Passenger Flight Ticket

Asiana Airlines Inc.

  • Any one-way or round-trip passenger tickets sold by Asiana Airlines for flights originating in the United States and ending in the Republic of Korea, or originating in the Republic of Korea and ending in the United States.

  • The passenger ticket must have been purchased, issued, and flown during the claim period (June 27, 2016 –June 26, 2019), and prior to your submission of a redemption request.

  • The passenger ticket number should start with "988".

  • Coupon Codes may be redeemed toward the base airfare, taxes and surcharges actually paid for a passenger ticket.
  • Tickets purchased using Asiana Club miles, award or free-of-charge tickets, and taxes and surcharges for such non-revenue tickets.

  • Reissue charges on tickets, cancellation fees, excess baggage charges, unaccompanied minor charges, refund fees, preferred seat change charges, preferred seating charges, pet handling fees, no-show penalties, ticketing service fees, amenities, upgrades, and any other ancillary fees and service charges.

  • Other exceptions and exclusions may apply.